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Brilliant Group (BG) is dedicated to maintaining its core mining & trading businesses, while exploring and developing new markets globally. BG has invested in new EV and AV markets and with the world changing to digital BG’s strategy is to invest in key tech industries such as fintech, insutech, ecommerce, logistics and digital currencies. BG will invest and develop new products and services to create added value to business ventures as an active investor by providing strategic advice, financial guidance and a global network. The BG achieves success in its investments by depending on the integrity of its management and their dedication to excellent service.

BG seeks out communications and partnerships with talented management & IT teams with the objective of achieving outstanding performance over time. BG focuses on sustainable businesses that have long-term growth objectives with an opportunity for global expansion and is dedicated to a sustainable growth with its partners and shareholders.

Vision: Success is to grow together
Mission: To bring people closer for sustainable development together
Motto: Dream big, Aim high!


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Our Companies

Check out our featured projects, a quick showcase on work in progress and our previous work timeline.

Brilliant means diamond in Russian and Erdenes is the Mongolian word for precious stone. We have been in the mining industry in Mongolia since 2005, and currently we own several gold, molybdenum and rare earth deposits. Our activities include exploration, consulting, trading, mining and sales of mining equipment. We also trade in raw materials ranging from coal to iron ore, copper concentrate, copper cathode, and moly concentrate.

Companies owned by Brilliant Erdenes LLC:

  • Delta Gold LLC (license no. MV-016792), with 740 hectares in Dornod province in Mongolia and a 25-year mining and production license. With a proven 11 tons of gold and 350,000 tons of copper, further exploration works are currently being prepared. Induced polarization (IP) and geophysical surveys are planned for an area of up to 1500 meters, and by drilling down to 1500 meters, the reserve will increase substantially. A deposit evaluation was performed by the independent mining evaluator Rock Hound, which is recognised by the HK stock exchange. In a previous study of this deposit, the exploration license classified it as a strategic standard deposit of gold and copper. With the current reserve estimate, the value of this deposit at today’s gold price could reach USD 400 million.
  • Luvr LLC (license no. 9061A), on 620 hectares in Hovd province in Mongolia and holding a 25-year mining and production license. In operation since August 2017, the mine contains a proven 300 kg placer gold deposit. The value of this mine is USD 12 million with proven deposits of gold.
  • United Minerals LLC (license no. 13827X), holding an exploration license for molybdenum deposits in Huvsgul province in Mongolia. Basic initial exploration work shows that the molybdenum deposit is economically feasible for production of an estimated 350,000 tons. Additional exploration works are underway. KOREAS, an independent agency and evaluator, carried out a report on the deposit and suggested that further exploration is needed to increase the proven deposit level. The value of this mine, once refined into concentrate, could generate revenue of USD 50-100 million.
  • Brilliant Erdenes LLC owns equity in various licenses of rare earth minerals. It is involved in cooperation and partnership in exploration and studies of several rare earth deposits in several locations in Mongolia, with promising high content of Y2O2, La2O2, Ce2O2, Nd2O2, Pr2O1 results tested at the Baotou Research Institute of Rare Earths. With a deposit and mining license it could be valued at a minimum of USD 200-300 million.

Brilliant United is a real estate development company that has invested in several luxury villa estates in the Nuht area of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

Voli Villas consists of seven modern luxury townhouses, skilfully designed by an Italian architect. The project was completed in 2015 and handed over to its owners.The first self-sustaining green village is now in the development stages on three hectares of land in the prestigious Nuht area of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Complete with clubhouse facilities, the project features condos and private villas with plans to start construction in April 2018. The project is valued at USD 20 million. In Khiimori, a prime area of the Ulaanbaatar valley, we are developing Mongolia’s first members only country club with a full range of amenities and facilities. The project is valued at USD 40 million.

We are also finalising a contract with the city of Ulaanbaatar for construction of the North West Interstate bus terminal and commercial complex. This will be the first bus terminal in Ulaanbaatar and will be built to international standards.

Brilliant Tengis LLC has held a special license for security activities since 2007, operating with over 100 highly trained officers and modern equipment. It provides the following services:

  • Installation of security alarm systems
  • 24/7 response team
  • Provision of security officers and security systems for mining and construction companies and various properties around the country.

Brilliant Finance NBFI is a finance company with a Mongolian lending and foreign exchange license. Its main activity is the provision of micro loans to private individuals and businesses at substantially low interest rates. It began operating with USD 1 million and reports annual growth of 24%.

We are also developing financial software for banks and finance companies to lower their operational costs, and we are currently working on a number of projects to improve operations in several financial companies with our software. We are also pushing forward with financial technology for providing people with fast and efficient loans, currently under development with AI technology for risk assessment and management. We are also building instant foreign exchange services via Social Pay.

Brilliant Energy was formed to participate in wind and solar projects in Mongolia. We are currently working on several projects:

  1. Development of a greenhouse for growing vegetables 365 days a year in cooperation with a Korean company
  2. Having completed a feasibility study, we are waiting for a license for a 50 megawatt wind farm in Central Province, Mongolia and a 120 megawatt solar farm in Omungobi Province, Mongolia.
  3. Development of a low energy consumption heating system to fight pollution
  4. Development of electric commercial vehicles

Currently we are taking advantage of Mongolia’s harsh winter conditions to test our patented low energy consumption heater. If the system is successful it will be mass produced to fight the air pollution caused by burning coal. Production of our own brand of electric commercial vehicles is underway. They will be sold globally with very attractive conditions for business owners small and large. Low maintenance, high reliability, energy efficient green vehicles—look for them on the roads near you.

Brilliant Erdenes Singapore was set up in 2017 to cooperate with companies in Singapore in a range of industries, including:

  • Investing in financial technology and software
  • Investing in development of software and applications for several industries
  • Trading in raw commodities: coal, copper concentrate, moly concentrate, iron ore
  • Investment in Cryptocurrency

AVEVAI company stands for Autonomous Vehicle Research and development of driverless vehicle.

Electric Vehicle

We are creating fully electric commercial vehicles with our own brand. 5 models will be introduced with different capacity and range. Our goal is to provide electric vehicles for each client exactly what they need and required capacity and range. We are offering quick and easy solution for the client’s needs and requirements, with our user-friendly portal and application. Clients can choose the model the want and mix and match their range, capacity, options, color, and even customize logo imprint. Most of our target clientele are businesses and corporations, so we are offering financing for up to 1 years, free parts replacement for up to 3 years.

Artificial Intelligence

Research and development of AI technology to improve delivery efficiency. Graphene Technology We own a Graphene deposit in Mongolia, which we want to produce and use in batteries. Research and development of battery using graphene to improve performance and lasting batteries for electric vehichles.


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